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Druha kniha

Kniha o levném cestování na vlastní pěst s prázdnou kapsou

Nemůže vědět. Každý z náš má vlastní představu o tempu cesty, o tom, co chce vidět a kolik toho chce vidět, přičemž absolutního konsenzu dosáhneme často jen ve dvou.

Digital renderings have long served architects and interior designers to help visualize spaces before the building begins. But a new generation of digital artists are taking this craft a step further to create otherworldly scenes that can’t, an

d won’t, ever be built. This inspiring compilation of the most innovative projects in digital art covers the work of the artists and creatives at the forefront of this aesthetic. Discover Filip Hodas and his captivating pop culture dystopia artwork series, explore Massimo Colonna's surrealist urban landscapes and dive into the abstract compositions of Ezequiel Pini, founder of Six N. Five studio. Dreamscapes & Artificial Architectur

e presents the work of leading creatives from across the globe, exploring the infinite ways to conceptualize utopian oases and dystopian nightmares. With their roots in spatial design, their ideas present a new creative current defined by the fusion of digital techniques such as computer rendering and 3D art, and an aesthetic that moves between fantasy and reality. Freed from the constraints of the physical world, these dreamscapes expand the possibilities for architecture and interior design.

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EAN 9788025731772
ISBN 978-80-257-3177-2
Počet stran 424
Jazyk česky
Vazba vázaná
Produkt kniha
Rozměry 14,5cm x 20,5cm
Vydání 2020 (1. vydání)
Nakladatel Backstage books
Druha kniha
Druha kniha
Druha kniha
Druha kniha

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Kniha o levném cestování na vlastní pěst s prázdnou kapsou